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The Shop told me I needed a new Camshaft in my engine. Is this Common for Honda's ?

This is not a common failure for any Honda engine. Well, anything is possible. If the camshaft is broken it would be the first case that we have ever heard of. Have them check again or take it to another shop and get a second opinion, it sounds more like a timing belt or a water pump that has locked up and caused the timing belt failure.


How Often Should I replace my Timing Belt ? I have a Honda Accord.

You should follow your manufacturers recommendations for timing belt replacement intervals listed in your owners manual.

1.5L*, 1.6L*, 2.OL SOHC- & DOHC And 2.2L SOHC* & DOHC*, 2.7L*

On 1989 & prior models, manufacturer does not recommend a specific interval; on 1990-96 models, 90,000-mile intervals or 72 months; on 1997 models, under normal conditions, at intervals of 105,000 miles or 84 months (60,000-mile intervals if operated at ambient temperatures under -20'F or above 1 1 O'F).

2.6L*, 3.2 Every 60,000 miles

2.1 L*, 2.3 L* Every 90,000 miles


1.2L*, 1.3L*, 1.8L* Manufacturer does not recommend a specific maintenance interval.