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How do you change lifters in a 3.1 on my '93 Lumina ?

First you need to disconnect the battery, then drain your coolant. Next you will need to disconnect everything attached to your intake manifold and then remove the manifold itself. Remove the valve covers and loosen the rocker arms. Remove the push rods to allow access to the lifters just beneath them. Use a pair of pliers and gently pull upward.


  • Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.
  • Drain the cooling system.
  • Remove the rocker arm covers and intake manifold.
  • Loosen the rocker arms nuts enough to move the rocker arms to 1 side and remove the push rods.
  • Remove the lifters from the engine.
  • Using Molykote® or equivalent, coat the base of the new lifters and install them into the engine.
  • Position the push rods and the rocker arms correctly into their original positions. Tighten the rocker arm nuts to 18 ft. lbs. (25 Nm)
  • Install the intake manifold and tighten the intake manifold-to-cylinder head bolts to specification.
  • Install the rocker cover. Connect the negative battery cable.
  • Fill the cooling system.