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How to Replace Rear Disc Brakes on My '03 Civic?

Before you start replacing your rear disc brake pads you will want to raise the rear end of the car and secure it safely with jack supports. Then remove the lug nuts and wheel to gain access to the rear disc brakes. Make sure you have the new brake pads first so you can compare the new ones to the old ones. Remove the pads and clean and lubricate all surfaces. If the rotors are grooved, now would be a good time to replace them and for not much more money. It is recommended to replace rotors at the same time as the pads so both surfaces are new and will work well.


Disc Brake Pads

Removal & Installation


To Remove:

  1. Set vehicle on jack stands with wheels off the ground.
  2. Remove the wheels.
  3. Remove a small amount of brake fluid from the reservoir using a suction pump.
  4. Unbolt the brake hose clamp from the strut or knuckle by removing the retaining bolts.
  5. Remove the lower caliper retaining bolt and pivot the caliper upward.
  6. Remove the pad shim and pad retainers. Remove the disc brake pads from the caliper.

To Install:

  1. Check the brake rotor for grooves or cracks. If any heavy scoring is present, the rotor must be replaced.
  2. Install the pad retainers. Apply a disc brake pad lubricant to both surfaces of the shims and the back of the disc brake pads.
  3. Install the pads and shims. The pad with the wear indicator goes in the inboard position.
  4. Compress the caliper piston so the caliper will fit over the pads.
  5. Pivot the caliper down into position and tighten the mounting bolt to 36 ft. lbs. (49 Nm).
  6. Connect the brake hose to the strut or knuckle, if removed. Install the wheels.
  7. Add brake fluid to the master cylinder reservoir and install the cap.